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10000fts: Filterable and sortable dashboards in WordPress

Most professionals building a long-term career or impact in one specific topic collect information in a structured way.

Academics maintain a detailed list of citations. Beat reporters use structured journalism — a list of events, people, examples, locations that they encounter as part of everyday reporting. Policy makers, researchers, consultants, etc. maintain or create datasets to make their arguments. Similarly, creative professionals — marketers, copywriters, designers — maintain swipe files or mood boards of the brilliant work they see. Their goal isn’t to copy but to be inspired.

10000ft Dashboards helps them publish these lists in filterable and sortable dashboards on their WordPress website.

Why publish lists?

Become a go-to resource for experts who too are obsessing on the topic of your study.

Signal intent to focus: Evidence (or lists) isn’t something one can cook up. It takes significant investment to collect and maintain it.

Longitudinal view: When you look at an issue in arcs of 3-5 years, these databases will help you observe patterns.

Persuasive: Facts establish credibility as they can be verified. It opens opportunity of dialogue with folks from the other side of the aisle.

Use 10000fts in FOUR EASY STEPS

  • Collect and manage data in GSheets or Notion.
  • Choose views, filters, sort, weights, and interactions.
  • Publish entire dashboard on a destination page.
  • Use a slice of the dataset as evidence in articles.

How to use 10000fts on your website

Dataset: Humane Club integrates with Google Sheets and Notion.

  • If your dataset is a quant-heavy, then we recommend that you use Google Sheet.
  • If your dataset is structured content heavy, then we recommend that you use Notion.

Views: Different views on the same data provide different lines of inquiries by helping make visible what would otherwise have remained hidden. Choose the views that are right for you.



Choropleth Map


Dot Map

Once audiences have a bird’s eye view of your data, they can use powerful tools to see beyond what is visible.

Numeric Filters

Set a column’s data type as numerical and it serves this UX as the filter interface.

Categorical Filters

Set a column’s data type as categorical and it serves this UX as the filter interface.


Allow audiences to sort table, galleries, or list view with one column from a list.

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