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Tiny steps towards a more humane web

Our clients thrive on candid communication: conveying their best understanding of reality to citizens, internal stakeholders, and enterprise clients. They understand that reality is rarely consistent. Hence, the focus is on using UX and algorithms to communicate data, evidence, and content with all of its messiness and nuance.

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How it started

Dhara Shah and Ritvvij Parrikh co-founded Pykih in 2013 as an Information Design Studio. We conceptualized, designed, and built data visualizations, websites, and content management systems for our clients.

From then till 2018, our software was used by 90+ brands across 7 countries. They included ICICI Lombard, NarendraModi.in, International Center for Journalists, Network 18, Operation Asha, Institut Montaigne, UNDP India, Oxfam India, Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), and others.

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Our journey since 2018

Dhara Shah

Managing Partner (New Delhi)

During our time at Pykih, we heard for the 1000th time that even in 2018, building and running websites was a pain and there was no agency that provided services specifically for candid communication use cases. Dhara took up the challenge to augment WordPress — the world’s most successful CMS — for this usecase. This eventually became Humane Club.

When not running Humane, she volunteers for the Global Shapers Gurugram community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. She is also the Founder Editor of narishakti.in – a small community for working women professionals and entrepreneurs. Dhara has been featured in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) F&D Magazine.

Ritvvij Parrikh

Evangelist (New Delhi)

In 2018, Ritvvij operationally exited the firm to co-found a media development agency — PROTO. During his time at PROTO, they launched a nationwide verification tip-line for WhatsApp for the India General Elections 2019 and also did qualitative research projects for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Some of this research was presented at Poynter’s Global Fact7 conference.

In 2020, Ritvvij sold off his equity in PROTO to work full-time at a media company. He participates in Humane Club as an evangelist and shareholder.

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Meet the team.

These are the people that work at Humane Club, support customers, and keep the ship running every day.

Sandeep Jain

Lead WordPress Developer

Gaurav Bhagchandani

Senior Software Engineer (Mumbai)

Ruchira Prasad

Marketing Lead
(New Delhi)

Karnvir Yadav

UI/UX Designer

Aakash Singh

JavaScript Developer (Jaunpur)

Yatish Agarwal


CA Ashutosh Agrawal


Vishesh Bansal

(New Delhi)


Chief Entertainment Officer