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Membership Benefits

You’re not alone. We’re in this together.

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We are highly passionate people who are doing our life’s work right now.

  • We are academics, researchers, and think tanks building deep expertise in our field of study.
  • We are not the Fortune 500 but the Fortune 50 million — sustainable businesses earning an earnest living.
  • We are enthusiasts and hobbyists who have a strong appreciation for our subject or activity.
  • We are independent media and content creators telling the truth to the world.
  • We are Humane. Read more about it in our Manifesto.

When you pay for The Humane Club, you get something tangible — a flat-fee concierge service to get your website up. Beyond that, you also get to participate in the Humane Community.

Here’s how joining the Humane Community helps.

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Spread out your technology costs with members

A “website” in 2022 isn’t a strategic differentiation. It is a table stakes! Yet the cost of designing, building, maintaining, and upgrading one is fairly high. Either you spend an inordinate amount of time figuring it out or you spend a truckload of money with agencies.

When you commission your website to a web development agency for a fixed fee, you are effectively starting from scratch: the ground floor.

Here, every Humane Club member subsidizes technology costs for every other member. Many of the features you get were commissioned by other Club members.

Conversely, if you sponsor the building of a feature, say for example WhatsApp integration, then all other members get this new feature for free of cost.

These three floors are always maintained and kept up-to-date by club membership fees.

What it means to work with an agency
What is means to be part of the Club

As shared in the support page, we maintain a Basecamp for all community members where they can publicly request features. Additionally, you can comment and upvote on requests made by others. We’ll pick up some of these in-demand features as and when bandwidth opens up.

Meanwhile, if a feature urgent and critical for multiple members, then they can come together and share the custom development fee.

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Learn marketing together

Good writing, communication, and marketing is a function of clear thinking. This is a specialized field in itself. With the membership you’ll get a marketing course that will help you reflect on your business and brand. Our goal is to provide the right space and resources to you to self learn.

We are working towards releasing a members-exclusive course that helps working professionals who can read each chapter and immediately apply it in their project, product, company, or organization to articulate their brand, an essential step to getting your website up.

This is not academic course. There are no tests, grades, or certificates to gain. There are no good or bad answers, just answers that are right for you! There are also no timelines — you decide when to make it happen. Busy at work? Take a few days off, then pick up where you left off. 

This is an experiential course: Much like exercising, this course will work only if you put in the work. There is no replacement for showing up and putting in the hours. Come read, reflect, write, refine, and only then will you move the needle on getting your communication right. 

This will be formally out by December 2022.

You cannot experiment on the world stage all the time. This community on Basecamp is a private safe space (a community, a mastermind group, peer-to-peer mentoring group) to try out things and fail fast. 

How to build with the community. Look at other people’s answers. Give them feedback. Share your answers with everyone in this group and seek feedback. You might feel shy or uncomfortable, but it is better to fail in this closed group than out in the real world. With time, you’ll refine your communication and gain confidence.

How should you take the course?

  • Read the chapter. Write comments for the authors. If something isn’t clear, ask the coaches in the comments itself. If you like something, say it in the comments. 
  • At the end of each chapter are some prompts. Read others answers. Give them constructive feedback.
  • Answer those prompts in your folder. 
  • Reflect on the feedback you receive and edit your comment.
  • And then, repeat this process for each lesson.

A key aspect of building a brand is knowing what you stand for and whom do you serve. We’ve opened up a Basecamp called ‘HQ: We are Humane’, where we have shared the principles we believe in, the inspiration we find from the real world, and the other brands who live up the principles we believe in.

Going through this and participating in this will help you come up with your own. Some things cannot be learned through theory and need to be experienced.

Like what you read? Go ahead and use them for your business. If possible, do attribute Humane Club with an outlink.

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Get your pages up

Finally, add to it the cost of running the website — writing and maintaining persuasive copy. In fact, you’ll need to get into the cadence of communicating through your website effectively. Here are some tips, tricks, and resources:

Visuals play an important role

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Need something special that no one else wants? 

In this situation, you are only paying additional cost for the development and maintenance of the last floor — the one that you got custom built for your purposes.