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Bullies casually humiliate
This type of bully who will not hurl abuses at you or yell at you for your mistakes, but instead will continue to belittle you when you make a mistake and make sure you never take credit for any of your success. This could take a heavy toll on your mental health and make you feel like the weakest link of the organization.

This type of bullying behavior is also called The ‘Constant Critic’. This is a type of bully who will belittle you when you make a mistake and criticize you for it instead of simply hurling abuses at you and yelling at you. This type of bully will make sure you never get credit for any success you achieve and will make you feel worthless.

They will make you feel so bad about yourself that you begin to doubt your own abilities. Their goal is to wear you down so much that your self-confidence plummets and the quality of your work suffers. They will humiliate you one-on-one, point out your mistakes and wrongdoings in public and attempt to socially isolate you. This can take a huge toll on the mental health of the victim and his/her productivity at the workplace. The victim could even be fired if the bullying has the desired effect on him/her and he/she is not able to cope.