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Do the best work of your career.

We are an eclectic crew united by intellectual curiosity and a passion for great work.

Our team helping Operation Asha in revamping its use of data to improve how they find new patient cases in communities
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Who are you

You are a disciplined geek at heart and want an opportunity to become the best-in-class at what you are supposed to do.

Net producers – Certain people are better suited at creating than others. When you watch cricket, movies, etc. you are consuming things created by others. We prefer hiring people who are net creators, people who create for fun. To create something useful, you need to have deeply thought about the world around you. 

Specialization and then generalization – Have you spent enough time mastering one thing? Specialization takes time, focus, and stability. It cannot be achieved by those who keep changing jobs or domains or passions every two years. 

You see your skill as a means to an end – We see ourselves as problem solvers. Our other identities — engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, copywriters — are a means to an end. In fact, we believe software is no different from other skills like carpentry and sculpting. 

Polyglot – You are not scared of picking up new skills. 

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Fast track your career.

When our first hire quit, he was immediately picked up by a well-funded startup. His salary before and after pykih grew by 3.75x within 1.5 years. Since then, most pykih alumni have seen financial growth from 1.4x to 8x.

Our alumni have joined firms like Fractal Analytics, Embibe, Wikimedia Foundation. Others started their own companies and even got into MBA and MS programs at IVY League Schools in the US.

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