Do not blame yourself as bullying is about power | The Humane Club
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Do not blame yourself as bullying is about power
Employees must recognize that they are being bullied. They must know that they are not the source of the problem and that bullying is about control. They must also realize that it has nothing to do with their performance.

People who bully target tend to be sensitive people who are likely to attack themselves in response to shame. Self-blame can maintain a relationship with a bully, but it comes at the expense of keeping oneself a victim.

It is important for the victim to not start doubting his/her own abilities because that is exactly what the bully wants. The bully wants to intimidate the victim and be in complete control of him/her. Once the victim recognizes that he/she is being bullied, he/she can take the required action and inform HR, their supervisors, or their colleagues about the incidents of bullying and find a solution to the ongoing problem.