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Block Pattern: Slim Fit

Use my hand-drawn doodles in your next presentation
or website to make it more personal and relatable.

More of our brain is dedicated to vision than to any other thing we do. Communicating with visuals grabs attention and gets the point across effectively. Additionally, visuals transcend language and regional barriers.

However, there isn’t a photograph of every idea you want to communicate. Instead, communicate abstract concepts with hand-drawn doodles. They make your communication much more personal and relatable.

Launching early 2022

Block Pattern: Regular

For presentations

Presentations using visuals are 43% more persuasive than those without. Use doodles to convey ideas without distracting the audience from the key message.

For social media

With apps like Canva, everyone can create polished visuals. The digital landscape is flooded by similar-looking flawless images. Stand out by using doodles.

For websites

Educate readers with new ideas or perspectives while making it more exciting and engaging with doodles. Visuals are more engaging—and work faster—than words.

10000ft Dashboard: The Doodle Project