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How to operate candid websites

This guide on editorial product management is for truth speakers to help practice Candid Communication online.

Why this matters: What attracts people’s attention is content and experience. All editorial products accentuate some of these factors: Novelty, Formats, Production Quality, Time to Market, Accuracy, Frequency, World View, Celebrity Power, etc.

  • However, most best practices we are exposed to come from big news companies or strategic communicators i.e., advertisements, PR, and marketing.
  • This guide addresses this gap.
  • What are the deliberate choices you must make? What will be the trade-offs?

What’s inside: This book doesn’t teach you how to write. It instead focuses on teaching you how to structure your writing into an editorial product for the digital age.

Why a guide: The best builders don’t wing it. They invest significant time in discovering their form and then converting it into a playbook.

  • You can use this playbook as a starting point, try it, observe the outcome, and then tweak it to your unique situation.
  • You can’t do everything. You’ll have to train your team with a playbook to delegate.


Part 1 – Owned Identity

Build recall for something!

Part 2 – Owned Network

Know and collaborate with people.

Part 3 – Owned Media

Build and run a modern publishing platform.

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