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Money is also called capital or cash.

Why it matters:

How to get capital to do business:

Below are the ways to get capital:

  • Inherit it.
  • Earn it. This is a deterministic path but it takes too long. Eventually, you’ll bootstrap a Profitable business and own 100% of the company.
  • Borrow it from banks is generally a low probability, high risk option.
  • Raise it from six sources:
  • Friends and family usually invest in your idea not because they want to profit from it, but because they want to be enablers.
  • Crowdfunding works well for opportunities for which good product-market fit already exists. It allows you to sell an idea to an audience prior to building it out.
  • Often media startups do not generate high returns. Awards and grants are a good way to raise risk capital: risk-free money to try out the startup and see if it scales.
  • After you have launched, join accelerators, to scale up quickly. Preferably seek support from accelerators who specialize in helping media startups.
  • Look for high net-worth individuals or angel investors, who are invested in the idea or cause.
  • Venture capitalists invest into companies in exchange for equity. They are usually hugely invested in the growth of the venture. Most for-profit VC money is looking for 30% year-on-year growth. However, most media businesses cannot provide that kind of returns.


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