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Internet-first Platforms diversified away from the article template.

While Internet-first Platforms advocated for and built on the article format, they themselves continued investing in new content Formats.

Internet-first platforms — Apple, Twitter, Google — have launched mobile-first formats. Google built cards in its material design. Tweet embeds are mobile-first. Finally, iOS has widgets. In WWDC 2020 Special Event Keynote, Craig Federighi of Apple introduced widgets as, “Widgets help you get information at a glance.” He goes on to describe them as beautiful and data-rich. Additionally, they now came in different sizes so users could choose the one that best fits their needs.

On the other extreme, Internet-first Platforms built highly immersive formats like Mix-media Immersive Scrollytelling. For example, Facebook invested in Facebook 360 videos and Oculus Virtual Reality. Google built Web Stories and Apple is pushing for Augmented Reality with every passing release.



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