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“Come for the content, stay for the community”

This is a quote by Hunter Walk.

The best case scenario for any work product is that every audience you onboard ends up staying back for the Community, where audiences directly help other audiences.

Why it matters: The resulting network efforts will make your business hard to displace.

  • Over the last 20 years, many blogging platforms have come and gone but WordPress has endured. This is because of the Community of developers, agencies, designers, and dependent companies that it has nurtured. In 2011, WordPress powered 13.1% of the Internet. By 2019, that number had grown to 32.7% of the Internet.
  • Medium is more valuable than WordPress because Medium has a community of audience.
  • YouTube is more valuable than Vimeo.
  • LinkedIn is more valuable than Indeed.
  • Royal Enfield in India is more valuable than Yamaha Bikes.
  • Attending Stanford in-person is more valuable than their online courses on Coursera.
  • GitHub is more valuable than GitLab.

How: To build a Community, you need good software and more importantly great moderation. Moderators should:

  • Have a voice that is smart, insidery, critical but generous.
  • Be kind and assume good faith.
  • Encourage the right behavior that is right for the platform. For example, encourage comments and constructive feedback that is more thoughtful and substantive, etc.
  • Discourage shallow dismissals, ideological battles, swipes that discourage curiosity.

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