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FemPanel: make all-male panels a thing of the past

about 1 week ago
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Getting your side hustle off the ground

about 1 week ago

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About the speaker: Tanvi Nagpal is an architect, urban designer, entrepreneur and an advocate for sustainable development. Her work with Smart Cities and community led initiatives in Maharashtra, Chattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh has been recognized on a national level. She has authored India’s first placemaking guidelines to enable cities to reclaim wasted & overlooked public spaces. She is deeply interested in the intersection of design and technology. She is the founder of @letscove – a platform for women, to improve access to care and equal opportunities. She is a student of Buddhism and the Vedanta’s. In her free time she enjoys yoga, horse riding and baking.

What will you learn: In this podcast you’ll learn about

  • Understanding basics of freelancing and starting a side hustle
  • How does brand and portfolio building plays a critical role in establishing presence in the market
  • How to go about building your professional network
  • Getting assignments on regular basis and coming up with rate card
  • How to verify person you are working with especially in a remote set-up
  • What are the other ways to build passive income

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