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Nudges for Conversational Marketing

Strategically route traffic to right content and products by placing nudges in context of what audiences are doing.

Contextual Messages

For example, on the Careers page, show the photo of HR manager and put CTAs related to Submit CV.


Make announcements about major changes, releases, events, etc. at the top of the website.




Ease the user journey by popping-up relevant messages and documents from your knowledge base.

Establish Credibility

Showcase the profile photo and names of key personnel or experts to establish credibility.


Show off your brand personality with using great copy, images, videos, and emojis to audiences.

The nudges we offer

Humane Club offers six types of nudges that can be strategically placed across your website to convey key ideas and convert leads.

1. Bot

This nudge looks like a chat bot and appears at the bottom right hand corner of your web page. You can personalize this nudge by inserting your picture over it along with a friendly greeting. You can use this bot to start a conversation with your customer. You can configure the bot by adding:

  • Brief description about your business
  • Contact form for your customers to reach out to you
  • Link to your About page

2. Top: HelloBar

This nudge appears as a horizontal panel at the top of your web page. It supports a single line message along with a call to action (CTA) button. This nudge appears non-intrusive, yet conveys your message effectively. You can customize the message on this nudge to attract visitors to subscribe, download a white paper, etc.

Top HelloBar

3. Bottom: HelloBar

This nudge is the same as Top: HelloBar nudge, but it appears as a horizontal panel at the bottom of your web page. This nudge can be used to remind your readers to take action after they have read your content.

4. What’s new

This nudge appears as a horizontal panel above the header of your web page. You can use it to announce updates or new releases.

5. Post-it

This nudge looks like a Post-it sticky note and appears at the center of your web page to communicate an important message like an outage or other critical information.


6. Modal: Letter

This nudge looks like a letter and supports more number of characters than a Post-it nudge. For example, it can be used to share a letter from the founder.   

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