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  • Podcasts are Habit-forming products. However, monetization is hard! Programmatic Digital Advertisements rates are low for podcasts. Hence, best to launch podcasts with direct sales or as a Subscription product.
  • Content Formats: Podcast Format can be Interviews, Webinars, Conversations between special correspondents and with subject matter experts, Audio-books, News Wrap Ups, etc.
  • User Experience: Podcasts is a passive content format, i.e. people listen to it while doing something else. Hence, your user experience should support passive consumption.
  • Best practices: Add detailed description to each podcast, add back links to stories in the description
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Loom’s video player has some interesting features. It pitches ‘playback speed’ as a time-saving hack. It allows users to add reactions on the timeline and presents others with a summary of those reactions. Finally, the player has a built-in transcript support.