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Contract without lawyer fatigue

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We’ve made our contracts fair and simple to speed up contracting and keep contracts consistent across all Humane Members. Generally, we’ve only been asked clarifications from our client’s lawyers.

Have questions about pricing and billing? Read them on the Pricing Page.


All companies have to find some way to stay in business, so if a product is free then often that means your private data is being sold and shared with advertisers and investors. If you’re just making a small blog to write on a couple of times a year and don’t care about issues like this, then is easy to get started with.

On the other hand if you have plans for a more serious publication, that’s where Humane Sites really shines. You control everything, and have reliability because its build on world’s most stable content management system WordPress which has been around for almost 2 decades and it isn’t going to disappear in the next few years.


We’ll provide the contract as an electronic document, signed digitally via, to eliminate paperwork.

Same as the contract signing date.

In tools like Gmail or Slack, the moment you sign up the billing starts. Similarly, on signing the contract, you’ll get access to the Humane Club backend and can start working towards the launch of your website.



Even though WordPress is open source, we have built many layers of plugins on top of it so WordPress can function the way we want it to. We own that codebase.

You receive a non-exclusive license to the code for the subscription period for a specific website. In fact, you cannot even reverse-engineer or modify the code.


All the content uploaded or stored on your Humane Club website is owned by you. This also makes you accountable and responsible for any infringement, use, preservation, decency, and secrecy of such content, and data.

We believe in paying it forward within the community. You are already receiving various software features that other clients have commissioned us to build. When you commission custom features, those too will be freely made available to all other members of the Humane Club.


Your data center locations can be located at one of these places — Iowa, South Carolina, Oregon, Montreal, Belgium, London, Netherlands, Taiwan, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Addressing your concern of WordPress security, we have chosen one of the best WP hosting service providers (WP Engine). Following are the best practices and standards that they follow to ensure sites are secured

  • Disk write protection limits the processes that can be written to disk so that malicious code inside theme/plugin cannot enter the site
  • Disk write limitation — All attempts to write to the disk are logged so that we can identify both malicious and non-malicious code
  • Disallowed plugins — Some plugins may expose a website to vulnerabilities. WP Engine’s system scanner searches for these plugins and automatically disables them. Also, we do not use any third party plugin
  • Proprietary firewall — WP Engine uses a proprietary firewall to automatically direct good, bad and malicious traffic. There are a number of checks in place that allow system to determine which traffic should be allowed, such as real human traffic or search engine crawlers, and which traffic should not, such as malicious activity or scraping bots.

Here is the link that describes above in detail –


We’d be sorry to see you go. Let us know your reasons so that we can improve our app!

But you don’t need to worry about your content. We will give your export of all your content in the format that WordPress supports. With your domain and WordPress export, you can set up a new website.

When you use services like paid GmaiI for Business, you get Gmail but as part of a business’s domain e.g. When your subscription is on, you can use all their tools and features. Once you stop the subscription or exit, you do not get to use their services/ features. What you can do is export out all your content, data, contacts, emails, etc. and the freedom to continue using your domain.

Much like Gmail, is also a hosted service. You pay subscription fees to license our software and use its features. If you stop the subscription or exit at any time, you do not get to retain/use the website, it’s features or the code. We give you export of:

  • All your content/data/ images/ videos 
  • You can take screenshots of the website pages so that you have reference of structure and design
  • Freedom to continue using your domain

First of all, we’re not planning to shut down or sell the company. We’re alive and doing well and we’re excited about the future. But you never know. If at some point we can’t support and host your website anymore, we will make it easy for you to export all the content out from the Humane Club to give you the option to host them yourself.

We are not able to offer refunds. Here’s why —

  • SaaS products that charge a monthly subscription fee do not make upfront time investments. It is a much more transactional switch on and off of a service. 
  • In our case, we charge the annual fee in advance. This gives us confidence to go ahead and put in significant time and effort investment upfront from day 1 itself in information architecture, consulting, hand-holding, training, etc.
  • In fact, our entire business model is based on building long-term relationships and working in annual arcs.

So far, our customers see their website as a strategic asset and do not want ad hoc shutdowns. Hence, the notice period is six months.