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Say bye to plugin and

agency fatigue

Replace workarounds, messy hacks, and daily frustrations, with built-in workflows, effortless organization, and clever features that levels-up WordPress in meaningful ways.

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Your website is a commercial plot of land — shopping mall, museum, cinema, stadium — that you own on the Internet.

You need to make it your own, cultivate it, prune unnecessary areas, and nurture it into a strategic, productive asset. 

Even if you are just getting started, you still need to plan and demarcate the area so there are no overlaps later on.

  • Spatially structure your site into clear spaces using Categories, Tags, and Formats
  • Help audiences know what is where and how to reach it using Menus and Forwarders
  • Mix and match content and products, like you would songs with Playlists

Your website is like a plot of land.

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“If we build, they will come. Right?” Well, no!
Give them reasons to come.

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Publish content to establish your authority, attract new audiences to your website (top of the funnel) and engage existing audiences (retention).

  • Forward plan your content strategy using Calendar
  • We’ve added built-in upgrades to WordPress’s Posts 

However, media isn’t only about blogs. We allow you to discover the information and format needs of your audience and implement them on your website.

  • Like Meetup.com, host Events and scheduled remote events like webinars and live podcasts
  • Like Reddit.com, use Aggregations to curate reading links for your audience
  • Syndicate links from across WordPress sites with Feeds

Your audience visiting your plot of land.

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Build credibility through facts — be evidence-first.

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Go beyond giving out CSV files of your data. Just because your data is open and available, does not mean it is discoverable and usable.

Integrates with Google Sheets to:

  • Let audiences explore, slice-and-dice, and analyze Google Sheets data using 10000ft Dashboards.
  • Mass-create Wikipage Reports from the vantage point of each dimension in your Google Sheet. This could each person, place, organization or thing. These SEO friendly pages can act as reports.

Instead of Google Sheets, use:

  • WordPress’ Custom Post Types to author posts with pre-defined templates and attributes.

Read more on how Humane Club helps researchers:

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Once inside your space, pitch them!

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You cannot know if a book is any good until you’ve read it. Hence, publishers and authors spend time, money, energy, and intent to well-articulate the promise of the book — what will you get if you read this book?

The same is true for you.

We are all in the business of selling ideas! Ideas that manifest themselves in the form of content, research, products, and services.

Pitch helps you, or your brand team, must articulate these ideas as persuasive pitches:

  • Create outstanding landing pages without the need of developers with new block patterns and blocks.
  • Stock your shelf space by attaching playlists to landing pages.
  • Supercharge content — Stories, Wikipages, Custom Post Types — discovery on exploratory dashboards (list, table, map) with filters using Playlists Views
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After the pitch, sell them — get them to act.

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Pitching isn’t enough! Your performance marketing team still needs to sell.

Give audiences reasons to identify themselves.

  • Hosting webinars and events and collecting RSVPs
  • Let visitors download white papers in return for email ID.
  • Strategically placing custom forms
  • Putting premium free content behind Login Wall
  • Talk to leads, block spammers.

More importantly, establish a funnel and then optimize it.

  • Nudge visitors to go deeper down the funnel without being intrusive or irritating
  • Talk to your leads with emails
  • Inbox: Get a bird’s eye view of all your leads from all the forms on your website here. 
  • Treat your audience data as an asset.

Little Big Details

Protect yourself from BigTech

Your initiatives and projects are your life’s work. Mitigate your risk of de-platforming and demonetization by BigTech and reduce your exposure to the vagaries of algorithm changes.

Replace Google Analytics with privacy-friendly analytics software.

Replace Google’s Captcha with hCaptcha.

Instead of embedding YouTube videos, privately host videos.

Everyday irritants in WordPress resolved

Backlinks protect against accidental deletion of content that is in use.

Use Forwarders to redirect dead links to pages.

Forget passwords! Log in with Magic Links.

Security patches to strengthen your WordPress.