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Built-in, do-it-yourself Web Analytics

Stay on top of and report on traffic without dealing with the complexity of Google Analytics. No training needed.

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Traffic Stats

See unique visitors, page views, bounce rate and the visit duration as absolutes and trend lines.

Live Traffic

See what’s happening on your site right now. The dashboard updates every 30 seconds.


See which pages are attracting traffic and which pages are audiences exiting from.


Stay on top of who is sending you traffic and performance of that visit.


Where are audiences coming from? — Countries, States, and Cities.


Which devices are audiences using to visit your website?

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Use filters to segment audience

You can go granular and click on any of the metrics in your dashboard to filter the dashboard by it. You can mix and match filters too. This is an easy way for you to segment your audience. For instance you can drill down to see traffic coming from a specific marketing campaign to a specific landing page over time.

Little Big Details

For more than a decade now, Google Analytics has remained a must-have for all websites. Out of the box, Humane Sites comes with a built-in privacy-friendly web analytics software.

We respect your audience’s privacy

  • Don’t use cookies
  • Fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR
  • Your traffic data is not shared with anyone
  • Your traffic data is not monetized
  • Unless the visitor signs up, we do not collect any personally identifiable information

Your site loads faster

  • 40+ times smaller than Google Analytics integration using the Google Tag Manager
  • Smaller carbon footprint