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Focillon is a French-based community initiative and a global team of academics & artists who want to make culture more accessible and decision-making more Humanities-centered.

“We have worked with Pykih for Data visualization project in the past so when we started Focillon, our first choice was to work with them again. The website required not only structuring and displaying content but also building map based searchable, filterable dashboard to make our content more discoverable. 10000ft dashboard and playlists played a very pivotal role in getting the website off the ground.

We love how Humane Club provides support through Basecamp. Our team gets the private space to add to-dos, upload content and chat. It makes the entire process a lot more easier.”

Michael Benhamou, Founder

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Focillon is a library of digitized arts & history content by academics and artists. The information architecture is designed in a way that content on arts and humanities can be accessed directly from the home page by country, categories, and author. The playlist like structuring and organizing of content makes it easy to get a bird’s eye view of all the content. The 10000ft dashboard on top of map makes it easy to filter and search content. Posts have been designed using custom templates for an easy and quick read. Support for accepting donations globally through Stripe.

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Information Architecture

Structuring site’s information architecture and navigation with clear call to actions.

10000ft dashboard on map

Map with dashboard for viewing content in different ways and to search and filter content.

Playlists powered content

Using playlists to re-use and surface content like awards, blog posts, media mentions across the site.

Custom posts

Posts have been designed using custom templates for easy and quick read.

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Information Architecture

The information architecture has been splayed across the homepage to ensure clean, easy and quick access of content of diverse nature. Map has been used for exploring content by country, playlists for exploring content as per theme, country and team. The footer of each page has content buckets as per themes, types and author coupled with CTA buttons for donations, signing up for newsletter, partnering and joining the team.

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10000ft dashboard over map for filter and search

The 10000ft dashboard on top of map makes it easy to filter and search content for each region. Content can also be viewed in a gallery format.

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Custom templates for posts

The posts have a unique layout for a clean reading experience. Custom templates were designed for creating the posts.

Integrating with Stripe for accepting donations in dollars