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Focillon is a not-for-profit consultancy based in France. A global team of academics & artists making culture more accessible and decision-making more Humanities-centered.

“The Humane Club team is responsive, precise, kind. They knew when to adapt to our ideas and when to challenge us. We owe them our website vessel but somehow more than that. Part of our project’s identity as well.”

Michael Benhamou, Founder 🇫🇷

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Focillon wanted to create an interactive map based website to show 2000+ cultural points of interest across the world supported in English and French languages.

Migrated from: Google Sheets to custom posts in WordPress

Migrated to: WordPress powered by Humane Club

No. of pages created: 10+

No of posts created: 100+

Information Architecture

Structuring site’s information architecture and navigation with clear call to actions.

10000ft dashboard on map

Map with dashboard for viewing content in different ways and to search and filter content.

Playlists powered content

Using playlists to re-use and surface content like themes, contributors, countries across the site.

Custom posts template

Posts have been designed using custom templates that is ideal to show sites content.

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Information Architecture

The information architecture is designed in a way that content on arts and humanities can be accessed directly by country, themes, and contributors coupled with CTA buttons for donations, signing up for newsletter, partnering and joining the team.

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When Focillon was launched, the goal was to provide free cultural content/sites on map and hence entire homepage was designed around helping visitors explore, search and filter points of interests by country, theme, contributors.

After a year of operation, Focillon decided to offer research and consultancy services. The new homepage embraces Focillon’s evolution towards a non-profit consultancy. The layout reflects three offerings they’re now involved in: 1) editorial & design, 2) audit & foresight, 3) Humanities team building & training.

Old Homepage

New homepage
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10000ft dashboard on map

The 10000ft dashboard on top of map makes it easy to filter and search content for each region. Content can also be viewed in a gallery format.

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Custom templates for posts

The posts have a unique layout for a clean reading experience. Custom templates were designed for creating the posts.

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The entire website natively supports two languages — English and French.

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We integrated the website with Stripe payment gateway to accept donations in Euros and US Dollars.