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Service without agency fatigue

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A “website” in 2023 isn’t differentiation. It is table stakes! Yet the cost of designing, building, maintaining, and upgrading one is fairly high. Either you spend an inordinate amount of time figuring it out or you spend a truckload of money with agencies.

Here’s how joining the Club help:


With Agency

When you commission your website to a web development agency for a fixed fee, you are effectively starting from scratch: the ground floor.

With Humane Club

If your website is a five-floor building, with Humane Sites you would be starting off from floor three, instead of the ground floor.

LET US HELP YOU get started

If your content is ready, we’ll help you go live with your website in approximately two weeks.

You’ll receive training so you can operate/change your website without our assistance.


We know that you are in your business for the long haul, so are we. We ensure that your website is upgraded as per latest web standards, adheres to all security protocols, and your servers are optimized. This cost is shared across all members!

Biweekly releases: You can look forward to bug fixes, feature improvements, new features etc. twice a month as per our roadmap.


Humane Sites is extendible. Only if you need something special, then commission us directly as you would another agency.


In Humane Club, every member subsidizes technology costs for every other member.

  • Turns out, most of the features you get were commissioned by other Club members.
  • Conversely, if you sponsor the building of a feature, then all other members get it for free. These three floors are always maintained and kept up-to-date by club membership fees.

You can also co-commission with others:

  • You can comment and upvote requests made by others on our Basecamp. We’ll pick up some of these in-demand features as and when bandwidth opens up.
  • If a feature is urgent and critical for multiple members, they can come together and co-fund the custom development fee.


To help you evaluate, save time and make an informed decision as to whether we are the right fit for you, here are some scenarios to consider.

  • You’ve custom requirements that Humane Sites cannot address
  • You need to technically optimize your website every few days
  • You want sole ownership of your website’s code

And to get this

  • You can spend the ₹10-40 lakhs upfront
  • You’ve the bandwidth and clarity to get the most out of your investment
  • You’ve the budget to maintain your website after the one-time build
  • You’re technically savvy and know what you want
  • You know how to best structure your content and website
  • You are confident that your freelancer will offer you quality services

And you’re looking for short-term assistance to get your work done

  • You want a static website
  • You don’t want to run sophisticated content or commerce operations
  • You don’t have complex data sets to visualize

And you’ve the time and clarity to operate the tool

Use Humane Sites if you want a dynamic website and want to leverage best practices for…

  • Structuring your website
  • Maintaining the flow of content so that it sounds persuasive
  • Making your site visually engaging without jazzy images

To know more, please click here.

  • You can code, host, and create your own WordPress website
  • You have the bandwidth to update plugins and manage bug fixes
  • You’ve custom requirements that Humane Sites cannot address

Use Humane Sites if…

  • You want to someone to help you setup, design, structure your content into pages, and maintain a consistent tone and style for your content
  • You do not want to spent high upfront cost
  • You want someone to take ownership of maintaining the website long-term at an affordable price (bug fixes, performance and security upgrades etc.)
  • You want to communicate and visualize data, research and evidence

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