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Get the agency experience at less than the salary of a software developer.

We are not a ‘software-as-a-service’ CMS provider like WIX,, or Webflow. We are an agency that takes care of your software needs, hosting, and training needs to help you set up, structure, and manage your site.

You pay three different fees:

  1. Annual Software License and Maintenance Fee
  2. Monthly Hosting Fee (at cost)
  3. Custom Development Fee (optional)
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Annual Software License and Maintenance Fee

We’ve pre-built 80% of the things that you’ll need. We provide you with a non-exclusive license for this software. Additionally, this fee includes the price of keeping your website maintained up to ever-changing web standards, security needs, bugs, training, and access to new features (as per our roadmap).

Blossom 🌱

$2500 annually

💥💥💥 Or ₹1.5 Lakh 💥💥💥

For organizations who want a permanent destination for one product or project or media vertical.

✓ All features

✓ 20-hour onboarding

✓ Host on WPEngine

✓ Humane attribution in Footer

Garden 🌳

$4500 annually

💥💥💥 Or ₹3 Lakh 💥💥💥

For organizations that want a well-structured destination for all of their products, projects, and media verticals.

Everything in Blossom plus:

✓ 40-hour onboarding

✓ Product-level secondary headers

✓ Support for Multilingual

Private Estate 🏞️

Starts at $8000 annually

💥💥💥 Or ₹6 Lakh 💥💥💥

For high-security industries to ensure regulatory compliance or for high growth firms who need more support.

Everything in Garden plus:

✓ 100-hour onboarding

✓ On-premise or cloud hosting

✓ No Humane attribution

We give away some websites. In such situation the Humane attribution will be in Header and Footer.

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Monthly Hosting Fee

“Free” publishing on platforms isn’t free — you pay by giving up your privacy and your valuable data. You risk being de-monetized or de-platformed. Other times, these free platforms shut down ad hoc. Remember Orkut and Posterous? That’s expensive long-term.

$36 monthly

✓ 25,000 visits

$72 monthly

✓ 75,000 visits

Let’s talk


We do not host your website instead we are commercially using a very reputable WordPress hosting company — They take the responsibility of keeping your website up 99% of the time.

For legal compliance, we had to mark up WPEngine’s fees by 18% (Indian Government’s GST) and payment gateway fee.

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One-time Custom Development Fee

We highly encourage you that you launch with out-of-the-box features and build momentum. However, in some situations, you might need a custom theme or features. In such a case, you can commission us to build them.

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It’s always hard to choose. We’re here to help you make the right decision. Have queries on Intellectual Property, Termination, and Hosting? Visit the FAQs page.

Is there any additional fee applied to the ‘Annual Software License and Maintenance Fee’?

The fee already includes any applicable taxes that we need to pay. However, we charge an additional payment gateway fee which is somewhere between ~3.5%.

We aim to work with clients who see their website as a strategic asset and hence we do not anticipate the need for monthly billing. Hence, currently, we only offer annual billing at this time.

You’ll have to pay the Annual Software License and Maintenance Fee via credit card.

Yes. Legally, we reserve the right to increase the software license and maintenance fee. But expect it to rise by that year’s inflation rate in India.

Yes, you can choose not to renew for the next year.

We use Indian Rupee to charge clients registered in India. We charge international entities in US dollars.

Yes, the fees remain the same. What we can do is switch off features that you do not need.

You’ll have to directly pay for any other third-party services like MailChimp, MapBox, etc.

Send us an email at, and we’ll help you out.