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We’re introducing a new option to focus content as you read the article. This is super handy for situations when you’re switching between two browser tabs while reading.

Imagine you are reading an article and have to switch the browser tab in middle of your reading. The moment you come back to article, you loose the context of what you were last reading. The marking on the left side of the text will help you bring back focus and continue reading from where you last left.

Table of contents 

To make it easier to navigate post, a blog post generates an automatically generated table of contents (TOC). Entries in the TOC are links, so you can tap a link to jump to that section of the post. 

The TOC is based on heading styles used in your post. For example, if you apply the Heading H2 style to your section titles, then those section titles appear in the TOC. As you edit your content, the TOC updates automatically.

Bug fixes

  • Side peek view was not opening if carousel block and automated block were added on same page. It now handles this scenario.
  • Search bar was showing in certain playlists even after it was disabled. It has now been fixed.
  • The gallery cards in mobile were not left aligned. They are now center aligned.
  • The header navigation was overlapping with rest of the content of the website. It is now fixed.
  • Fixed styling issue in side peek for events
  • When either of the content was attached to next or prev, the arrows were not showing up.

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