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Why Humane Sites

Built for a chosen few.

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Our customers pay us money to take decisions on their behalf. So, the burden of your success with our product rests on our shoulders too.

Humane Sites is designed for a very niche audience.

To help you evaluate, save time and make an informed decision as to whether we are the right fit for you, here are some scenarios to consider.

  • You’ve custom requirements that Humane Sites cannot address
  • You need to technically optimize your website every few days
  • You want sole ownership of your website’s code

And to get this

  • You can spend the ₹10-40 lakhs upfront
  • You’ve the bandwidth and clarity to get the most out of your investment
  • You’ve the budget to maintain your website after the one-time build
  • You’re technically savvy and know what you want
  • You know how to best structure your content and website
  • You are confident that your freelancer will offer you quality services

And you’re looking for short-term assistance to get your work done

  • You want a static website
  • You don’t want to run sophisticated content or commerce operations
  • You don’t have complex data sets to visualize

And you’ve the time and clarity to operate the tool

Use Humane Sites if you want a dynamic website and want to leverage best practices for…

  • Structuring your website
  • Maintaining the flow of content so that it sounds persuasive
  • Making your site visually engaging without jazzy images

To know more, please click here.

  • You can code, host, and create your own WordPress website
  • You have the bandwidth to update plugins and manage bug fixes
  • You’ve custom requirements that Humane Sites cannot address

Use Humane Sites if…

  • You want to someone to help you setup, design, structure your content into pages, and maintain a consistent tone and style for your content
  • You do not want to spent high upfront cost
  • You want someone to take ownership of maintaining the website long-term at an affordable price (bug fixes, performance and security upgrades etc.)
  • You want to communicate and visualize data, research and evidence

To know more, please click here.

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Humane Sites is for those who…

See their work as their life’s work

Humane Club is ideal for:

  • Academics, researchers, and think tanks building deep expertise in their field of study.
  • Not the Fortune 500 but the Fortune 50 million — sustainable businesses earning an earnest living.
  • Enthusiasts and hobbyists who have a strong appreciation for their subject or activity.
  • Independent media and content creators telling the truth to the world.

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#1 – Don’t start from scratch

Out of the box, Humane Sites comes with an upgraded version of WordPress. This means you get tonnes of features upfront. If a website was like constructing a five-floor building, with Humane Sites you would be starting off from floor three, instead of the ground floor.

What it means to work with an agency
What is means to be part of the Club
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#2 – We help you get your site up

If your content is ready, we will help you go live with your website in approximately two weeks by reusing building blocks that already exist.

We will start structuring your content into pages, deciding what content will go in which page, maintaining a consistent tone and style for your content.

We want our members to be self-reliant with respect to day to day operation of their website. Once we have laid the foundation, you will be trained to control, make changes (copy or image) on your website on your own.

To this end, we have put a Help Desk in place and an extensive collection of doodles that you can use to refine your content. We encourage you to interact with us through Basecamp.

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#3 – Beyond website, learn marketing from like-minded people

When you pay for The Humane Club, you get something tangible — a flat-fee concierge service to get your website up. Beyond that, you also get to participate in the Humane Community, which:

  • Reduces your investment by spreading the costs across all members.
  • The primary job of a website is marketing. Come learn, experiment, and seek feedback on marketing with others in the community.
  • Share resources with other members.
  • Most importantly, you are not restricted by the knowledge and experience of one agency, few developers, or a freelancer.
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#4 – Beyond marketing, co-build with like-minded people

Once you have refined your website and started your content marketing journey, you will be able to analyze and know if you require any custom feature built for your website. 

There are three ways to achieve this:

  • You can comment and upvote requests made by others on Basecamp. We’ll pick up some of these in-demand features as and when bandwidth opens up.
  • If a feature is urgent and critical for multiple members, they can come together and co-fund the custom development fee.
  • You can commission us directly to get any custom features or theme built.

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#5 – We take ownership of maintaining your site

You recognize that a “website” in 2022 isn’t a strategic differentiation. It is a table stakes! Yet, you know that the cost of designing, building, maintaining, and upgrading a professional website is fairly high.

We know that you are in your business for the long haul, so are we. We ensure that your website is upgraded as per latest web standards, adheres to all security protocols, and your servers are optimized. This cost is shared across all members!

Biweekly releases: You can look forward to bug fixes, feature improvements, new features etc. twice a month as per our roadmap.

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#6 – We save you time and give value for money

And you get all of this for a fraction of the annual salary of a good developer.

Apart from design, as a valued member of Humane Club, you benefit not only from subsidized technology costs, but also from a bouquet of features that were already commissioned by other members. This implies that you save the money you would have paid a web development agency for starting from scratch. You only pay for a feature that’s missing and you want custom built.

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#7 – Who work with data and evidence

WordPress is a page-based CMS. We’ve enhanced it to communicate data and evidence.