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The Normal Theme

  • Operate your website independently
  • Always fast
  • SEO friendly
  • Mobile responsive

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Pushed me to improve my copy.”

Functional and timeless design.

Everyday normal products are architected well and people — regardless of time, location, and culture — intuitively know what they are and how to use them.

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The Hero is You!

Design that steps aside, giving most space to you, your messaging, brand, and products.

  • When constructing a building, before interior designing, we get the architecture right. Yet, most web projects start with interior design (UI, look and feel).
  • Instead, in the beginning, prioritize work on architecture — copywriting, graphics, photos, content, and information architecture.
Interior Design
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The answer is YES!

Always fast

  • Can my website be fast?
  • Can my website meet Google’s Web Vitals?

Adapt to my Brand

  • Can I upload square or rectangular logos?
  • Can I customize the fonts for headings, body text, and cards?
  • Can I customize the theme with my primary and secondary brand colors?


  • Can I change the background and text colors of patterns?
  • Can I hide work-in-progress patterns?


  • Can I customize my site-level headers and footers?

Login wall

  • Can I put few pages or posts behind the login wall?
  • Can I allow audiences to login without password using Magic Links?

But, I need more!

  • Buy the Super Normal theme for many more theming-related features
  • Or commission Pykih, our agency arm, for custom needs.
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✅ Slow. Deliberate.

Ideal for those who are invest in things that don’t change.

Academics, researchers, and educational institutes prioritize the core function over unnecessary ornamentation frills.

Community initiatives like events and open-source embrace inclusive designs for all cultures, ages, and classes.

Cultural and Art Institutions aim to create spaces that focus on the content or exhibits without distracting design elements.

Small businesses are an authentic expression of the founder’s identity and appealing to their tribe’s loyalty beyond trends.

❌ Fast. Always Novel.

Unsuitable for those where looks defines the salience.

High fashion, high-end cars, and luxury brands command a premium, symbolizing status, power, exclusivity, and boldness.

Fast fashion labels thrive in a trend-led market, unable to offer timeless products, focusing on the now rather than the forever.

Entertainment and gaming firms need to create immersive experiences that keep audiences hooked for hours and days.

Success in advertising and marketing lies in its ability to capture attention and make the product memorable.

  • Modular. Assemble lego-like blocks into something specific.
  • No Frills. Reduce and eliminate all ornamental details.
  • Structured. Everything is structured and organized. Details are neatly stored out of sight, allowing users to move from 30000ft to 500ft and back.