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New – 🎉Feature Release: Chart Gallery
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Become a long-term, go-to-destination for charts on the topic you specialize in. This is a tangible work product that will save your audiences time in finding data to back their arguments. In fact, often journalists, see charts as pre-content for their articles.

Why it matters: As candid communicators — researchers, academia, analysts, management consultants, bureaucrats, journalists, venture capitalists, policy makers, etc. — we prefer to ground our understanding of the world in evidence and data.

  • No additional effort required: As candid communicators you are already creating charts to add to your presentations, reports, and analysis. Go ahead, pull them out and publish your byproducts!
  • Stay in touch: This is quick and light content for your communications team to publish on a regular basis.
  • Brand building: Being data-driven is a big plus in the candid communication market. For example, The Economist is known for its charts.

Here’s how you can publish charts:

Chart Gallery

Photo Gallery is a well-established content format that has given billions of page-views. The nerdy version of it is the Chart Gallery. Each gallery is on one topic and is essentially a collection of charts with a crisp description per chart.

Charts Gallery
Chart Gallery

Pick a topic, say Gender Participation in the Labour Force, and launch a ‘Chart Feed’.

Chart Feed

If you are running a newsletter or have social media handle, then your communications team can pick one of these charts and publish them as ‘Chart Of The Day’. Such products tend to become habit-forming.

You can also natively embed these Charts inside of your articles.

The same chart embedded in an article
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