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Membership Fees

Annual Flat-Fee

$3000/₹1.5 Lakh+GST (🇮🇳 rate) per website for every feature we offer for self-service use.

Hosting, at cost

Monthly visits25,00075,000
WP Engine $30$59
Performance Boost$20$20
3% Payment Gateway Fees $1.5$2.1
Monthly with 3% Payment Gateway and 18% GST$51.5$81.2
Need more visits? Contact us.

You pay this fee annually in advance for ease of operations. Any charges for additional traffic are billed at the end of the month.

Dollar to Rupees conversion rate will be considered at the time of raising the invoice

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Optional Upgrades

Need hands-on consulting?

Commission Pykih, our agency arm, to iterate till you reach a sense of ‘This is Enough.’

Need Pro versions of external plugins?

Some members might require paid versions of external plugins we use — AIOSEO, Gravity Forms, etc. In this situation, you’ll pay us the plugin amount plus GST, and we’ll get it setup for you.

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Pricing FAQs

It’s always hard to choose. We’re here to help you make the right decision.

Can I pay the ‘Membership Fee’ monthly?

We aim to work with clients who see their website as a strategic asset and hence we do not anticipate the need for monthly billing. Hence, currently, we only offer annual billing at this time.

How can I make the payment?

Can the ‘Membership Fee’ change?

Can I cancel my subscription?

Can I pay in Indian or US Dollars?

I do not need all features. Do I still need to pay the same fee?

Some sites might require third-party services. Who pays for it?

What if I have additional questions?

Have queries on Contracting, Onboarding, Website Design, Intellectual Property, Termination, and Hosting? Visit the Legal FAQs page.