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Add-on: Owned Identity

If we build it, they’ll come? Articulate your identity, ideas, offerings, and products into persuasive pitches online.

Use In 3 Easy Steps

Create Landing Pages

Make them discoverable with Menus

Supercharge discovery with Nudges

Block Pattern: Regular

Landing Pages

Think about your Homepage, About, Contact, Blog, or other Landing Pages. Present your identity to visitors and convincing them to sign up for your products and services. 

Best Practices

Present your identity to visitors and convincing them to sign up for your products and services. 


Stunning and animated hero covers for each page.

Key Ideas

Present list of distinct key ideas such as the mission, principles, values, and use cases.


Plug content where necessary dynamically. Hide what is unnecessary. For example, don’t show byline or published date in listing.

Visual Breaks

Break the monotony of long pages with stylized visual breaks.


You can enhance your page with animations and visual effects to add a dynamic flair.

Animation on scroll down

Lead Collection

Collect leads with form blocks that integrate seamlessly with Gravity Forms.

End of Page CTA

End each page with a clear call to action.

Block Pattern: Regular


This includes your site’s taxonomy and navigation menus as well.


Tell your audience what is where and how to get there.

  • Site-level headers and footers
  • Secondary Headers
  • Sister Sites Header
For sites that are related, provide navigation to them via a sister sites header. 


Encourage visitors to take actions that guide them further down the sales funnel.

🎁 Sales offers

🌟 New features or 📢 News

🚨 Outages or Warnings

✍🏻 Sign your work

Block Pattern: Regular

Don’t show byline, cover image, last updated at, published date, progress bar, etc.

Sticky Secondary Header

Hover Effects on Links

Humane Container > Visual Breaks
Styled List
Narrative Accordion or FAQs
Gradient Buttons
– Post it
– Whats New
Nudges for Widgets
– Hello Bar (Top)
– Hello Bar (Bottom)
Gravity Forms View

List Posts

Stack > Animation
Block > Animation on Scroll
Animated Heading
Gallery > Animated 
Humane Container > Visual Breaks > Animated

Site-level Header
Site-level Footer
Secondary Header
Sister-sites Header
Site-level CTA

It includes a library of pre-built blocks that allow you to effectively communicate your identity, including letters from the founders, styled lists, tabs, etc.

There is also a collection of pre-designed patterns for use cases such as hero covers, testimonials, logos, people, numbers, and blog listings.

CategoryFeatureWhat’s Included
Page TemplatesHide header and footer
ThemeSticky Secondary Header
Hover effects on linksButtons and images with links