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Add-on: Visualizations

Show, Don’t Just Tell. Present your research and surveys as exploratory tools and dashboards.

Use In 3 Easy Steps

Pull data from Google Sheets


Publish in Pages or Posts

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One Plugin. Many Uses.

Unlike other visualizations, an “itemized view” presents each row separately.

Become a Go-To Resource.

Curate exclusive lists that provide utility to your audience. Maintain critical, indispensable data relevant to everyone in your niche.

Curate lists of people, places, organizations, things. For civic issues that unfold across years — War, Corruption, Violations — record events for investigation and analysis.

Publish Primary Research.

Don’t just dump Excel files. Convert surveys into actionable dashboards for users.

Support Your Arguments.

Drawing conclusions from specific examples (inductive reasoning) in your Posts.

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Itemized Views: Choose views relevant to your use case.

Need more views? Commission Pykih, our agency arm, to build new views like Timeline, Calendar, Slideshow, etc.


Dot map

Heat map

Simple Table


Allow audiences to effortlessly switch between views.

When audiences find what they need, allow them to read details about one row using tooltips, modals or jump to an external URL.

Actions: Look beyond what’s visible. Allow audiences to narrow down results in a view using powerful and fast filters, search 🔎, and sort.

  • Facet Filters: Checkboxes for Categorical Fields, Slider for Numeric and Date Fields
  • Show filters on ⬅️ or ⬆️
  • 🌪️ Decide which filters to show

Parameter Switch: Allow users to change which datapoint plots the heat map.

Use weights to summarize multi-dimensional concepts into a single composite indicator, for example, the Human Development Index.

Allow users to create their own composite indicators on the fly by changing the weights.

Annotate: Data can get nerdy. Make your datasets, views, and filters understandable to audiences through annotations.

  • Rename
  • Reorder
  • Describe

Add itemized views inside of WordPress Pages and Posts.

  • Show all rows in a itemized view
  • Show specific rows in a itemized view
  • Show a itemized view with a pre-loaded filter

Need more features and customizations? Commission Pykih, our agency arm, to design and build new features.

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1. Datasets

1.1.1 How to import a dataset from Google Sheet into WordPress?

1.1.2 How to fetch latest data?

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2. Itemized Views / Views

2.1.1 How to create a dataview?

2.1.3 How to configure a List view?

2.1.4 How to configure a Table view?

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3. Itemized Views / Actions

3.1.1 How to configure interactions?