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Supercharged ⚡ WordPress

Use WordPress without Frustrations, Hacks, and Plugin Fatigue.

Humane Club is an omakase hosted WordPress that has been deliberately extended.
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Building and running a website isn’t a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. 

What You Bring to The Table

1️⃣ Either you or a team member 🙋🏻‍♀️ must learn WordPress to manage your site. It’s simple, yet necessary.

2️⃣ Depending on your needs, you might want to invest in copywriting, graphics, content, and SEO.

What We Bring To The Table

1️⃣ The core plugin and theme level up WordPress in meaningful ways.

2️⃣ You will receive self-paced training materials and community support.

3️⃣ Finally, use specialized add-ons for specific jobs:

Add on: Owned Identity

Articulate your Identity, Ideas, Offerings, and Products into Persuasive Pitches.

Add on: Listing Hub

Launch a Dynamic Content Hub with Interactive, Filterable, and Sortable Listing Pages.

 Recommended only for Hubs; Complicated To Use.

Add on: Visualizations

Show, Don’t Tell. Publish your Research and Surveys as Exploratory Dashboards.

 Recommended only for Research; Will slow site & reduce SEO.

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The Core Plugin

Fast and SEO-friendly. We’ll manage 2 of 5 SEO ranking factors. To rank, you must tackle the other 3.

WordPress is very customizable but that can make it complex. We make its backend easy to use.

1000s of plugins in WordPress’ bazaar add risks. We are a gated community with curated plugins.

Your website will be hosted with a reputed firm with 99% uptime with daily backups.

Collect email IDs by putting quality content behind a login wall.

✅ We’ll regularly bug fix and keep your website updated to the latest web standards.

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The Core Theme

We handle theming basics, enabling you to focus on creative graphics and copy for your identity.

Customize your website to your brand’s Style Guide: Logos, Color Palette, and Typography.

Different templates that provide slots where you can attach menus, nudges, and call to actions.

Decades of expertise mean you have lots to share – reports or books. Our sites support long reads:

  • Tell readers what’s inside the report and help them jump to parts relevant to them.
  • Tell readers who far down they are in the report and how much more is pending.
  • Highlight crucial details so readers can skim through the report.
  • Collapse examples, evidence, and supporting details that bolster the core argument.
  • Break long form report into multiple short posts. Create a landing page that organizes these posts logically, allowing audiences to read these posts in a side peek without needing to leave the landing page. If the user lands directly on one of these short posts, link to the next post in the series using a Guided Tour

✅ Let audiences read posts without losing the context of the landing page they came from.

Side Peek

Lets audiences’ login without passwords.

Give users the ability to act: share posts on social, bookmark, upvote or downvote posts.


Cross-Browser Compatible

Cross-Device Compatible

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Our Design Philosophy

People regardless of time, location, and culture know what normal products are and how to use them.

Super Normal find greatness in small, overlooked details, making them look unique and function better.

Compared to a normal teapot, the Kyusu teapot features a unique side handle that keeps your hand cool, and it includes a built-in strainer that prevents stray leaves from entering your cup.

Listen to the Super Normal song: An aesthetic, or near lack of one. Structured, simple, useful… Serene, neat & proper… Only clever details.

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Web design and communication is an established art and science. Agencies charge hourly for best practices. We’re distilling these into playbooks so you can up-skill easily and apply them.

How to Use WordPress resources to help you excel at the CMS that powers 40% of the Internet

Consult our compiled best practices to make optimal choices in marketing and communication.

Pick and Choose from a List of Views and Features. Use help docs to implement these in WordPress.

✅ Share ideas with us for development or hire Pykih to bring these ideas to life.

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Need something else?

But what if you want onboarding, 1:1 support, design, or custom features? We’ll offer those too, but through Pykih, our original agency business, but at a per-hour rate.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Magical at first. Became obvious later.”


Pitching isn’t enough! Your performance marketing team still needs to sell.

Give audiences reasons to identify themselves.

  • Run lead generation campaigns on your website and collect RSVPs for events with forms.
  • Talk to your leads, send them auto emails on form submission and customize your transactional email copy using email templates
  • Let visitors download content, reports, or white papers in return for email ID.
  • Put premium free content behind Login Wall

More importantly, establish a funnel and then optimize it.

  • Inbox: Get a bird’s eye view of all your leads from all the forms on your website here. 
  • Keep me in the loop: Keep your audience engaged with the latest updates. Control when notifications are sent, who receives them, and what details they contain.
  • Block spammers: Protect your website from spam bots and spam in forms through hCaptcha, block listing email domain.

Treat your audience data as an asset. Hook your forms up and send leads directly to your CRM and email marketing tools.

  • Integrate with Mailchimp and SendInBlue and run newsletters.
  • Send leads directly to your CRM. We integrate with HubSpot. Connect with Zapier to remove most limitations in terms of integrations and automation.
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Run e-commerce on your website that makes it easy for selling products and services online.

Digital Products

Launch new digital products, for example, courses or eBooks.


Charge subscriptions on digital products or collect donations.


 Integrate with Razorpay and accept payment digitally through 100+ payment mode


Set up default currency for your products and subscriptions.


 Offer discount on overall pricing for product and subscription.

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✅ Slow. Deliberate.

Ideal for those who are invest in things that don’t change.

Academics, researchers, and educational institutes prioritize the core function over unnecessary ornamentation frills.

Community initiatives like events and open-source embrace inclusive designs for all cultures, ages, and classes.

Cultural and Art Institutions aim to create spaces that focus on the content or exhibits without distracting design elements.

Small businesses are an authentic expression of the founder’s identity and appealing to their tribe’s loyalty beyond trends.

❌ Fast. Always Novel.

Unsuitable for those where looks defines the salience.

High fashion, high-end cars, and luxury brands command a premium, symbolizing status, power, exclusivity, and boldness.

Fast fashion labels thrive in a trend-led market, unable to offer timeless products, focusing on the now rather than the forever.

Entertainment and gaming firms need to create immersive experiences that keep audiences hooked for hours and days.

Success in advertising and marketing lies in its ability to capture attention and make the product memorable.

  • Modular. Assemble lego-like blocks into something specific.
  • No Frills. Reduce and eliminate all ornamental details.
  • Structured. Everything is structured and organized. Details are neatly stored out of sight, allowing users to move from 30000ft to 500ft and back.