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Block Pattern: Slim Fit

Add-on: Listing Hub

Let users find what they need. Filterable listing pages for large volumes of content, products, and lists.

Use In 3 Easy Steps

Curate with Playlists

Present with Views

Publish in Pages or Posts

Block Pattern: Regular

One Plugin. Many Uses.

BigTech-like Interfaces

Launch modern interfaces similar to those on Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, Airbnb, etc.



Quickly launch a creative micro-site for specific, current topics.

Search and compare interfaces

Launch search and comparison interfaces for affiliate products, places to visit, etc.


Archive Pages

Create auto-updating SEO-friendly archive pages for tags, categories, authors, custom post type, etc.


MOOCs and Courses

Reverse sort content so audiences consume courses in the right order.


Block Pattern: Regular


Curate with Playlists: Choose items to show by creating playlists from taxonomy, authors, content type, and other criteria.

📌 Pin or 🚫 block items

🔁 Auto updating

⛔️ Protect against accidental deletion

Present with views: Showcase a playlist using views. Each view offers a unique perspective that’s not immediately apparent.

Need more views? Commission Pykih, our agency arm, to build new views like Timeline, Calendar, Slideshow, etc.

Gallery for image-rich info.

Plot items on a map.

Newsfeed of notes & visuals.

Dictionary to explain jargon.

List text-heavy material.

Carousel: In one line, present content.

SEO friendly

🔢 Set no. of items per page

📈 Tracks items being read

Refine with Controls: Allow audiences to narrow down results in a view using powerful and fast filters, search 🔎, and sort.

Show filters on ⬅️ or ⬆️

ⓕ Shared URL retains filters

🌪️ Decide which filters to show