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A unique method isn’t a moat

The transient nature of content trends: Many times, people start media operations with the central focus being a certain form of content production. These forms are typically a fleeting trend that lacks staying power. Moreover, if the trend does persist, imitation becomes inevitable due to the inherent lack of defensibility.

Case in point – the news sector: In recent years, we’ve seen several of these trends.

  • Mobile journalism, for instance, which replaced traditional TV crews with on-the-go mobile recording, had its moment of popularity.
  • Then came the rise of solutions journalism, which shifted the spotlight from issues to their potential resolutions.
  • Vox pioneered in establishing the “explainer journalism” niche.
  • Furthermore, we saw other trends like drone journalism, sensor journalism, forensic journalism, and so on.
  • These shifts underscore the evolving landscape of content creation.

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