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Humane Sites vs. WordPress

Humane Sites enhances your WordPress experience by tidying over its constraints and allowing you to do much more with your website

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Are you switching to a new platform or weighing the best platform for creating your website? Well, we at Humane Club are wary of the significance of having a great website.

WordPress is the most popular CMS and has been around for nearly two decades. However, WordPress has its own set of limitations which can make things tough especially for non-technical users.

With Humane Sites, we provide you an enhanced version of WordPress as we did not want to reinvent the wheel. We work at simplifying these complexities for you.

Outlined below are certain key comparisons to assist you in your decision-making.

Quick Summary

WordPress.orgHumane Sites
GoalLearn how to code, host, and create your WordPress websiteWe help you migrate from other platforms and set-up your website, host, and manage your website for you.
Plugin UpdatesYou need to independently manage plugin updates which is very time consuming and expensive.When you commission us, we take care of maintaining the website to web standards, performance and security upgrades, bug fixes. You can become independent with our services.
Website speedWordPress pages take more time to load.We use (a very reputable WordPress  hosting company) to keep your website up 99% of the time.
Data drivenWordPress is a page-centric CMS. It does not support data and evidence.You can communicate data, research, evidence and reports by building a professional, searchable, sortable dashboard via 10000ft.
ContentWordPress does not permit dynamic representation of content.Humane Sites enables you to dynamically represent content through Playlists.