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Oxford, Yale, & Harvard Scholars Track Climate Change Research

Dhara Shah
Published Jan 25, 2024
Updated Jan 28, 2024

1-minute Snapshot

Who: Ph.D. Scholars from Oxford, Yale, and Harvard with grants from Somerville College, University of Oxford and the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development.

What: Create a website that hosts a database of ongoing climate change research. It allows researchers to register and submit their research information.

Solution: We took them from concept to live website within 2 months. Website has 5 pages and 400+ posts.

Member Since: 2022

Products Used: Super Normal, Humane Listings, Wiki Pages, Follow Functionality

Services Used: They commissioned us as an agency to build out custom features.

External Tools Used: Brevo, Datawrapper


“I have had an excellent experience working with Humane Club. I appreciate their commitment to the job and deep interest in the ensuring the success of the project. If I had to describe them in one word, it would be ‘organized’ as I’ve been really impressed with the way they internally organize their task and communications. They are also fairly transparent about what is or is not possible within the bounds of the project and why.

While making the decision to get them on board, it really helped me to know that their clients were largely in the social and development sector. If you’re looking for an agency that shares your passion for developing digital solutions for societal issues and is very professional and competent at doing so, I’d certainly recommend Humane Club.”

Gaurav Dubey,
PhD Candidate, Oxford University 🇬🇧

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ Website

As part of the Humane Club membership, members get a tonne of features out of the box. Here’s what the The Climate Link used:

  1. All the 5 pages were up.
  2. In the search page, they used Humane Listing to power discovery
  3. Homepage: Using Super Normal and some off the shelf tools, we were able to get the right homepage up for them. This included a list of Top 10 research, Map, Statistics.
  4. For better security, all sign-up/ login happens through password-less logins via magic links.

Custom Build The Last 20%

  1. A custom post type to store their research meaningfully.
  2. A crowd-sourced data collection module
  3. Follow a category of research functionality, where on following, users get emails

Custom Post Type

Each research project needed to hold more information that what WordPress’s Post can hold. Hence, we had to build a custom post type specific to their use case.

Crowd Source

The database was created bottom-up i.e by contributors signing up to become registered members of the portal and thereafter inputting information on their own research. On filling it up, the contributors had to submit the entry for review.


End users can follow specific keywords or project pages to get latest updates on new projects or updates to project information. We integrated with SendInBlue to send out the email notifications.


An end user can report an entry as not relevant, fake or others by filling up the contact form