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Don’t invest in things that don’t give you defensible differentiation

To create value, make something people want but cannot get easily elsewhere.

The secret to creating value lies in crafting a unique offering that can’t be easily found elsewhere.

However: The content industry seems to squander resources on factors that don’t provide significant distinction. Common pitfalls include investing in visual branding or web design, creating a custom Content Management System (CMS), or chasing the latest tech trends.

How we got here: Before the 2000s, the internet thrived on decentralization independent sites connected via directories and RSS feeds. Yet, as we’ve progressed, the landscape has shifted dramatically.

  • Venture-capital funded BigTech has exerted a dominating presence, asserting control over significant elements of value creation like content distribution, audience and advertiser relationships, programmatic ad networks, and content formats.
  • This relentless encroachment left less room for professionals in the content industry to truly make their mark.

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