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I wouldn’t wish a custom CMS on my worst enemy

Proprietary Technology, when effectively utilized, can significantly bolster competitive differentiation. For example:

  • Steve Jobs’ Pixar serves as a classic example, revolutionizing the animation industry by producing movies at a fraction of conventional costs.
  • OpenAI’s GPT technology is game-changing for content creation.

In contrast: Many tend to invest capital in technology that doesn’t generate meaningful competitive differentiation. For example, are you investing in custom-building and maintaining a page-based content management systems (CMS)?

  • Such investments tend to become cost-centers because they operate on the same indifference curve as WordPress.
  • Eventually, investment drops and the it reflects in the quality of the product or they are completely abandoned.

For example:

“I wouldn’t wish a custom CMS on my worst enemy. We ripped it out and started again with WordPress.”

Brian Morrissey, President of Digiday

What’s worse:


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