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Avoid easy dopamine hits

Easy dopamine hits are activities and experiences that give immediate pleasure or reward without expending much effort. This could include empty calorie foods (junk, sugary, salty), doom scrolling on social media, binge watching TV, shopping, porn, drugs, gourmet food, romantic love, etc.

Why it matters: You get addicted to them and it makes you mentally weak.

Nassim Taleb expanded this principle to include:

  • Muscles without strength
  • Friendship without trust
  • Opinion without risk
  • Change without aesthetics
  • Age without values
  • Food without nourishment
  • Power without fairness
  • Facts without rigor
  • Degrees without erudition
  • Militarism without fortitude
  • Progress without civilization
  • Complication without depth
  • Religion without tolerance

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