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Myth-making around Journalism

The myth-making around journalism, much like the myth making with entrepreneurship, social work, professional sports, politics, etc. is destructive.

It surrounds young professionals with stories of others doing the same thing as them, a few successfully but all with a good degree of swagger, so much so that they tend to ignore the risks of their undertaking.

If there was any honesty among those who teach and promote journalism, they would tear down the inspiring quotes and hand out posters saying “You wrote that ground breaking story to challenge that powers that be — and all you got was few Likes on Facebook from your peers, a bunch of anger from trolls and a lousy eviction notice.”

But they don’t because there is a countervailing force at work. There is a profound psychological need which journalism can satisfy. To succeed as an investigative reporter is a form of heroic achievement in any political climate, but particularly in one that your cult deems hostile.

To hold billionaires and powerful politicians accountable affords you fawning respect, fan following and invitations to speak at prestigious universities.

Independent Journalism accelerates this process. It allows individuals a shot at the even deeper pleasure of doing work that they cannot do while working for others.


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