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Create Humane Visualizations

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Dhara Shah
Published Nov 26, 2023
Updated Dec 29, 2023

We understand that your data is your goldmine, but storing it in CSV files doesn’t ensure proper discovery and use. Your data needs to be viewed from different vantage points to get an all round perspective. Use 10000ft to give your visitors appropriate views on the same data via table, gallery, maps.

Once you have a bird’s eye view of your data, use powerful tools to see beyond what is visible — sort, categorize, cluster, and ultimately prioritize and evaluate.

You can use 10000ft to build a professional, searchable, and sortable dashboards.

Who and where: Administrators, Editors, Authors, Contributors can access via Left-hand sidebar > Evidence > 10000ft

Creating and configuring views on 10000ft

After you have created your dataset, you need to give a name to your visualization, attach it with your dataset by selecting the dataset from the dropdown menu, and click ‘Create’.

After creating the 10000ft, go to the 10000ft window and click ‘Edit’ under the dataset name you are creating the 10000ft visualization for.

You can configure different views — Gallery, Table, Choropleth Map and List. You also set filters and sort for your data along with how you want your audience to interact with your visualization through interactions.

Using 10000ft block on your web page  

On your Gutenberg editor, click the block icon (+) and select 10000ft block. 

Click ‘Attach a Dashboard’  to connect the visualization. You can attach only one 10000ft to a slice.

Select your 10000ft and click ‘Add content’.

Finally, click ‘Update Slice’.