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Micro-animations added along with tweaks in UI

Published Nov 11, 2022
Updated Dec 01, 2022

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last two weeks.

Price to be displayed in place of reading time in gallery/list views for products

You can now choose to show price in place of reading time for products and subscriptions under  gallery and list views.

Re-adjustment of previous and next arrows on guided tour 

The previous and next arrows appearing on web pages have been re-adjusted so that they don’t hide behind cover images and also don’t show up in the footer of the web page.

Added micro-animation: Raised hover effect

We have implemented a raise effect to ensure that cards and CTAs look dynamic and interactive.

Extra spacing removed from Top Hello Bar nudge 

The ‘top hello bar’ nudge when clicked redirects to a new page where the nudge is not visible but the spacing is there. We have removed this spacing.

Bug Fixes

  • The up and down arrows in pagination will no longer show on Firefox.
  • Ensured that the start date and end date do not show in the frontend if disabled in the filter settings for playlist.
  • 10000ft was disappearing when sort was turned now. The bug is now fixed
  • An e-commerce module was set up for a client’s website along with the associated bug fixes