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Reverse sort in playlists, side peek in gallery, list cards and more.

Published Nov 30, 2022
Updated Dec 02, 2022

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last two weeks.

Reverse sorting of content in playlists

Playlists now support an option to display posts in reverse order i.e. posts having oldest dates first followed by more recent ones.

Side peek added to gallery and list views 

Until now, the side peek was supported only in carousels cards. The support has now been extended to cards in gallery and list view.

Support for search in 10000ft dashboard

Search is now supported in 10000ft dashboard powered by Google Sheets that can help users narrow down search results. You can choose to enable or disable it in your dashboard. 


All card data points (headline, date, byline) are in same line irrespective of the length of headline.

The extra spacing at the bottom of the cards when byline is hidden has now been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • The OR condition in playlists was not working for some scenarios. It has been handled and fixed now.
  • For aggregations fields, we have ensured that the filters no longer display fields which have been turned off in the settings.
  • The content in side peek now opens from beginning to end rather than where the user last left their reading.
  • RSS import of data now works well.
  • All aggregations under carousel, list/gallery, etc. will now open in a new tab instead of opening in same browser tab.
  • Pagination inside playlists modal in the backend had stopped working. It is fixed now.