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10000fts, now with list view and nudge bot with more style options.

Published Sep 30, 2022
Updated Oct 06, 2022

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last two weeks.

Nudge bot with new UI and more style options

Along with the default option, we have added two more style option to display nudge bot: circle and semi-circle. 

The form inside the nudge panel opens then and there itself rather than opening into new screen as it used to happen earlier. In future, we plan to make the form more conversational rather than plain input fields. 

Chat window
Form opens in same window

List view in 10000ft

10000ft now supports list view along with gallery, table, and maps for adding different perspective to same dataset. 

List view

Auto creation of tag pages

Earlier, the automated pages were been generated for categories, formats and authors. Pages for tags were not automated as it can lead to creation of lot of dead, unused tags or single tags (used by one or few content). Every content needs to be ideally bucketed into existing tags rather than creating tags for each one. This will also help in better grouping for all the content and ensure tags are been used wisely. 

But this approach would drastically slow down the data entry process for scenarios where page generation for each tag is mandatory and not optional. Hence we implemented of auto creation of tags/ keyword pages once a new tag is added. 

Settings for autocreation of tag page

Bug Fixes

  • Breadcrumbs on article page are now working fine
  • The upvote and downvote arrows on article page are now working and the count is getting updated 
  • Nudges once created were not getting deleted. The bug is fixed now