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Add users without confirmation, improved performance, and more.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last two weeks.

Skip email confirmation

Core WordPress without multi-site provides the option to add users without sending an email that requires their confirmation. However, this option isn’t available when core WordPress is operated in multi-site mode. We built it inside of Humane Sites.

Custom field in Forms

Today, you can use any of the 30 predefined fields to setup your forms inside of Humane Sites. While these 30 fields are fairly comprehensive, we now support an additional custom dropdown field. 

Cleaner UI for the Gallery view

There are subtle UI improvements to how cards look in the gallery view. 

Add any logo to your nudge bot

Today, Humane Sites asks you to upload one square logo. However, there are two use cases for square logo: one with transparent background and another with a white background. When the square logo is used in applications like Nudge Bot that have a vibrant blue, the square logo with white background is more legible. 

Support for Google Ads

Do you use Google Ads to route traffic to your website? We now support adding Google Ad ID to support relevant tracking.


  • All listings on your website is powered via Playlists. We invested significant effort to improve the performance of queries used by Playlists.
  • To improve overall site performance, we migrated to a faster network that will improve your site’s overall speed, performance and security.

Fixing bugs reported by clients

  • The side-by-side block pattern when viewed in mobile should take the same sequence as it is on website. 
  • Sometimes the primary menu’s links in mobile were getting cut.
  • The backend was throwing a critical error on adding new users.
  • Admins should be able to edit user’s profile.