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Export form data to CSV, create no-link menus and more

Published Sep 09, 2022
Updated Sep 09, 2022

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last two weeks.

Export form data as CSV

Now, you can be flexible with managing and pursuing your leads. You can export all your form data as CSV files by clicking on the ‘Export as CSV’ button on your forms page.

Support for Google Analytics

Now you can enter your Google Analytics ID along with Google Ads and Google Tag Manager to get a complete picture of your website traffic. Monitor your web traffic and improve SEO. 

Create Menu Items without a Link

When adding menu items to your menu in WordPress, by default, every item needs to have a link and take the user somewhere upon a click. There can be instances when the link is not needed. For example, we may want to display a menu item that will simply group the sub-items and not actually link to anything itself. These items are called “no-link” menu items, and, unlike “regular” menu items, they are not clickable. You can simply add a CSS class ‘hc-pointer-events-none’ to disable the click of the that link. 


  • Top: Hello Bar Nudge no longer overlaps with header navigation on mobile
  • We have limited the pop-up time of nudge bot on mobile screen to just a couple of seconds to ensure that it doesn’t intrude with user’s reading experience.
  • You can now upload both types of square logos (transparent and with white background) from site settings.
  • Navigation links in the footer will now get added and show up sequentially.
  • Keep a consistent look and feel for preview block by following the same color scheme for all the fields.
  • There are certain technical parts of the backend accessible only to Humane Club’s support team restricted by checking @humane.club email ID. Changed the condition to now check with user access i.e. super admins.

Fixing bugs reported by clients

  • Fixed bug of default email templates not getting created.
  • Fixed bug of form fields not getting saved in the backend until the page was refreshed.