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“A healthy man wants a thousand things. A sick man only wants one.”


Who has the will to act? Anyone in good health and of reasonable intelligence, provided they utterly commit themselves to the journey.

How: Health is a linear domain, i.e., you need to make progress on it everyday. Hence, it needs to be Habit-forming. Don’t make it too nuanced because Complexity slows down execution.

Physical: When it comes to physical health, always:

  • Eat simple, eat less
  • Avoid Easy dopamine hits
  • Recognize the difference between Exercise builds. Exertion burns.
  • Build three forms of fitness: Flexibility, Strength, and Cardiovascular.

Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself.

Marcus Aurelius

Mental: To build mental wellbeing, actively take decisions that lead to One Less Thing To Worry About.

  • Embrace impermanence. Don’t be saddened by separation
  • Be at home anywhere. You might need to move houses, cities, and countries based on situation. Hence, live in a safe neighborhoods that is conducive to a life of focus and ongoing practice but be indifferent to where you live and your living condition. For example: Do not over invest in furniture and home decor. If you do either keep it low cost and simple so that it can be trashed and bought again when you move or so small that you can pack it up and move.
  • Give away things you don’t need. You should proactively let go of Things you own with a sense of gratitude after they’ve served their purpose. Hoarding of things isn’t wise.
  • Avoid zero-sum game.
  • Tolerant with others: One less thing to worry about: My way.
  • Clarity of Purpose: Poor Strategy, or the lack thereof, can quickly turn prioritization into some version of the Hunger Games.



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