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Humane Sites Vs. Drag & Drop Builders

Use Humane Sites’ intuitively designed tools to own, manage, and run your website hassle-free and independently.

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Are you switching to a new platform? Confused by the mind-boggling range of options available out there?

Well, we understand your problem as we know your website is your gateway to connecting, winning, and retaining your target customers, hence choosing the right platform is critical.

You can choose from freely available drag and drop website builder tools like Wix to full-fledged content management solution providers like WordPress. Each one has it’s own merits and demerits. So, here’s a comparison between drag and drop website builders and us to help you make up your mind.

Quick Summary

Drag & Drop Website BuildersHumane Sites
GoalCreate a static, two to three page websiteCreate a dynamic and complex website
SupportConnect with chat bots, customer executives, and forumsCommunity and private support via the Humane App
Code ownershipYou don’t own your website’s codeYou don’t own your website’s code, but you can get an out of the box solution via WordPress
CustomizationLimited scope for customizationCommission us to get new features built
Membership benefitsNoneLearn marketing together, seek feedback, and exchange inspiration from the community
MigrationNo supportWe help in migrating and setting up your website.
Domain ownershipYou do not own your domain name.You own your domain name.

Detailed Overview

Drag & Drop Website BuildersHumane Sites
GoalThese are ‘software-as-a-service’ content management system (CMS) provider. You can use these to create static websites to establish your web presence. We are an agency that takes care of your software needs, hosting, and training needs to help you set up, structure, and manage your site. We help you establish your presence in your market. To know more, please click here.
SupportYou can reach out over chat bots, connecting with a customer executive or even participate in forums to get your queries resolved. However, there is no training or support for marketing.We have how-to guides that make it super easy to use our tools. We offer community level and private level support through the Humane App. We are not robots but real people standing by you all through the way. We offer ongoing support in your business journey through online courses and training.
CustomizeTemplates are simple but tough to customize. More complex website features may be missing or limited.We offer broad functionality coupled with complex features. You can select great template designs along with advanced customization options.
OwnYou don’t own the code and since these are subscription services, you lose your website once you stop paying. You don’t own the code. If you ever choose to move out of Humane Club then whatever features are supported by WordPress out of the box will continue, plus there is huge WordPress plugin community too.
ValueThese tools are good for establishing your web presence. They do not offer any marketing support. We understand that communicating with your audience is a specialized field in itself. So, our membership comes with free online content marketing courses and training to help you in your web marketing journey.